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Toys, toys, toys! Cot & Candy is here. Cot & Candy is about toys and hundreds of kids' things and more. True, you will discover flipout mini sofas, cute chairs, socks on our cart. But, more than everything, we are about running and jumping kids, screams, games, songs and dances and those huge laughs.

For those whom you adore:

We have created a giant magical world, a kind of treasure trove where you will get every nice thing you want your children to enjoy. Comfortable beds, lovely activity desks, attractive strollers and so on. Go ahead and pick warm blankets, cribs and a wide range of Kids' furniture, baby gear, toys and games from world's best loved brands. Don't forget to add one veryvhandy item to your cart. You will find the thoughtfully made capacious storage specially made for storing children's gear.

A tight hug & a bright smile:

We have not gone merely by brand names. Since it is our passion to keep children happy and safe, we have carefully selected items that match quality and safety standards you want for your kids. Toys or children's furniture, or beds or blankets whatever you choose, you can be confident of the quality, convenience and appeal. As the junior grows and needs more and new stuff, we are here. We will keep adding latest stuff necessary for all age groups (children only of course.)
We're of course confident that the kiddo will simply love you an extra ton for getting her the Spiderman or the Peppa Pig sofa. Go ahead and get ready for a tight hug & a bright smile & a couple of wet kisses.

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